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Welcome to Nicor's Gas Exchange Website. This site is used by suppliers and non-residential end-users. If you are a residential customer and would like to see your account, click here to go to the Customer Select Website.

Gas Exchange  (TCIDB/DBS files)
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Gas Transportation Gas Composition


Nicor Gas Holidays, 1st of the Month and Holiday
     Nomination Deadlines

Heating & Cooling Degree Days - Previous Month (2016-11)

Heating & Cooling Degree Days - Current Month (2016-12)

Critical Day / OFO Information

Gas Advisory

Gas Futures  (Nymex Link)

Northern Border

Firm Pipeline Capacity

Authorized Use Gas

Curtailment Notice

Nomination Instructions

How to Retrieve Grid Data

Download Gas Exchange Nomination System

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Rates & Service Options

Transportation Contract Forms

Phone Numbers

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Gas Exchange Pricing

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