Open Access is a service offered by Nicor Gas. This Web site allows you to access your current (and with documented customer authorization, prospective) customers' transcript, statement and billing information. Here are descriptions of the information you can retrieve from this site:

For all Nicor Gas customers, you can request:
Transcripts - Complete history of customer usage and utility charges by bill period.
Statements - Complete history of bill amounts, payments and account balances.

For transportation service accounts and groups only, you can request:
Billing Info - Detailed charges and summary of usage, nominations and storage activity by bill period (accessed by the bill from date). Group queries will only display the summary usage, nominations and storage information.

You can request this information in one of two ways: Live or Batch mode. The Live mode lets you process up to three queries at a time with the results displaying immediately (or Live) on the screen. In Batch mode, you submit multiple queries "batched" together and return later to retrieve and print your output.

Customer Confidentiality
There are three ways confidentiality is accomplished.

  • First, a valid supplier ID and password combination is input before a user can enter the web site.
  • Second, we have established a PIN that requires all customer inquiries to have the customer's account number or group ID and the account/group's last billed usage. The last billed usage can only be obtained if a supplier is the current bill mailing address or if a customer has been contacted and provided this information. Additionally, the last billed usage amount changes after each bill is issued.
  • Lastly, Nicor Gas will be performing random audits of documented authorization - see Customer Authorization Policy. If any of these validities are violated, access is denied.

Customer Authorization Policy
As a Nicor Gas Open Access site user, you (or your employer) must currently possess customer authorization to receive any data requested. This authorization (i.e. agency agreement, letter from the customer, etc.) must detail the rights to obtain this data and be authorized by the customer.

Nicor Gas reserves the right to take any necessary audit steps it deems appropriate to ensure proper customer authorization has been obtained, including but not limited to the following: requesting a copy of the customer's documented authorization, directly contacting the customer, etc.

In the event Nicor Gas discovers any violation of the customer authorization rules outlined above or any other customer confidentiality rules, the violator (individual agent and agent's employer) agrees their rights to use the Nicor Gas Open Access Web site have been nullified and thus, agrees to immediately discontinue all current and future Nicor Gas Open Access Web site use.